Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year/ Perfect Wedding

We spent New Year's Eve in OKC at a beautiful wedding. Matt and Natalie Dill
Son #1 was the best man- yep he is the one with the new year crown on. Of course queeniep's son would do that. We were at the Petroleum Club on the 35th floor and had a wonderful view of the festivities in downtown OKC. Our hotel-Sheraton was nest door, so no crazing driving.
We were able to visit with a group of the boys fraternity guys and had a great ti,e.
Natalie, Matt, Ryan, and the bro's
Hub's and I celebrating at the strike of midnight! Yep, I had a few glasses of champagne...

Son #1 and momma

Son #2 at gramma's on Christmas!
I have more pictures, but I am way tired. More later
I hope you had a great day and are ready to tackle all that has in store for us this year.
Please pray for my grammer. She is currently in the hospital in OKC. She fell after throwing her walker! Yep, she did. Anyway she is soooooo confused. They will be doing some evaluations to re-do her meds and hopefully get her leveled out. I pray for the desires or her heart! She wants so bad to go 'home' to family that is already in heaven! My heart is heavy with worry and I hate to see her this way. This is not the way my grammer is. Why do elderly have to suffer so very much???
tootle loo

Tootle loo

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