Saturday, January 24, 2009

Saturday morning jammies

Starbucks Signature Hot Chocolate- 500 calories.

I am in love with this yummy drink. I had one this afternoon while running errands on Owasso. After I got home, I looked to see how many calories. Guess, I just drank my lunch!

What a week!
School was stressful with one of my students literally getting beat after getting in trouble at school. So that of course was a call to DHS! I have rocked babies at the Center and it is soooooo not the place to take this kiddo! So DHS made a house call and hopefully scared the squat out of the "bully" dad. The little boy need meds for ADHD so desperately and Dad doesnt believe in them. I understand his concern, but this is such a severe case of ADHD. This little guy cant function in class. He is 9 yrs old and acts without a conscience most of the day. I have really been tested this year with him. he has been a big challenge, but no child should ever get beat. I tried to explain to Dad that it wont make any different to spank him. He cant control his behavior. Anyway, hopefully it wont happen again.

Grammer is about the same. She has been moved into the 'memory' section of the nursing home. She has a private room, but still wont eat much at all.

I have a wedding tonight and a wedding mtg after church tomorrow, then serve dinner at redemption ministries after that! whee! No wonder my mind is full of thunderstorms!

I am trying to slow down, but I dont know what to cut out of the schedule. I am only making jewelry for request. I think I will let the web page go and just keep a note on the side bar of my blog and maybe do etsy.

I am wanting to go to Dallas or Houston and spend the weekend with son #1. I think we will be able to get together the last of February for the TU/SMU BB game. Son #1 has a news girl in his life, I haven't met her yet. hmmmmmmm. He is a busy boy!

If you have not been by Bath and Body... get there. They are having a big sale on Wallflowers. $5.00 for the two pack.

That all for now...

Tootle loo

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Momma Dill said...

HI Penny!

Momma Dill here. Love reading your blog. Sorry to hear about Hubs problem on the ice. Alan packed a bag and stayed in Cleveland on Monday night. He came home last night, it took an hour and twenty and usually takes about fifty minutes, so not too bad. I know hiway 75 was awful according to the news. Matt and Nat still in town. Matt is working quite a bit but have got to see them some. Slow down a little, you make my head swim!!