Monday, January 26, 2009

Icy roads.....

Oklahoma is famous for icy roads! We got it again today. I generally takes hubs 22-24 minutes to get home from TU. He left at 5:15 and got home at 8:30!
He called me from HWY 75 and was getting off at 106th St N to head north. He got to HWY 20 and sat there for 30 minutes while other cars struggled to get up the hill. Finally he made it to within 2 blocks of our house and got stuck in a pot hole. So he called me to come push him out! Crap, I was scared to death. I slid down the hill in my Jeep and down the other hill and finally got behind him and 2 guy came by to push him out. 10 minutes later I got back into the garage. He was going to try to go around the 2 hills to our house! 15 minutes later... he has tried to hit the driveway 3 times. Finally he is stuck down the street. He calls me to drive the truck while he pushes it. IT'S A STANDARD... I dont know how.
Here we go, push the clutch, let off the brake, push the gas and sliiiiiiiiiiiide. I slid into the neighbors yard and there sits the truck!
Wheeee, Hubs fell and hurt his shoulder, hip and knee on one of the times he had to stop. What a night. Thankfully TU is closed tomorrow. He is suppose to go in , but we will see!

I love the snow, but not the ice!!!!!

Moey went out to potty and slid across the driveway, gee was she suprised! I think she will start going in the back on the grass.

Tootle loo

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Little Town Big Life said...

BRRR It took Gy 1 1/2 hours to get home from Nordam. Some of the people working at VVEC couldn't manage the incline and were headed towards Skiatook--I guess to try a run at it, ha ha!

But I do love being home!!! I have one booking tomorrow & have to call them this afternoon to see if it's on.

Bad thing tho--I get soooo lazy on days like this!!