Tuesday, January 13, 2009


What a weird thing... the mind. How can a normally sane person at the age of 93 become delusional, combative and out of their lovin mind?

My sister was going to take Grammer to her house and care for her in 2 weeks, hopefully to give her the feeling of being in her home until she dies! Its Ok with all involved. All research for beds etc., was completed and we went to OKC to tell Gram. She was in a 8x8 ft sq. room with a window to the hall and a door without a handle to get out. she was literally out of her mind! She was furious thinkin she was in jail, or crazy. we could not calm her down. She was ripping her clothes and depends off by herself! I have never seen anything like this. THIS IS NOT MY GRAMMER!
I though I was going crazy in there with her. Especially when we couldn't get out either. Thank goodness all 3 of us were there. We would not have believed each other that this was happening.

She was always a bit ornery, but never like this. What happens in the brain? she was manageable 2 weeks ago! What is going on? She want so back to die and instead lies there not knowing anything that has to do with short term memory.

On our way back from OKC, my sister and I, well actually me, had a question. I know its a crazy question and I have been raised in a Protestant family since birth and been at Church weekly. I know God sent Jesus to die for my sins... I know all these things and believe them. I have a deep faith! But if our life is planned for the best by God, why do we pray? Are we trying to change His mind? Ask for the plan to change? Is this part of His plan? I understood when my Dad died of pancreatic cancer, that was a disease and it got his body. I prayed for healing and he was ultimately healed by God and went to heaven. So, why do we pray?

Hmmm, I only hope that God will relieve her pain and suffering by sending angels down to take her to heaven tonight, Amen

Tootle loo

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Little Town Big Life said...

Ok sweetie, this is the part of life that we just aren't supposed to understand, or don't have the capacity to. I think we have to also recognize that there are evil forces at work in this world also, and that those forces (Satan & his group) use any & every imaginable resource to take our eyes off God. We live in a fallen world, and have to deal with the yuck that goes with it.

We don't pray because God needs OUR prayers, we pray to keep our focus on our monumental need to Him. And to keep us sane in those parts of life we don't understand.

We have many, many discussions in Sunday School about this.

This life is not fair.