Thursday, January 29, 2009

snow days

I love to look outside and see the sun shine on the snow! Sooooooo pretty.

We are at day 3 of no school! Yep snow/ice in OK. We have a bit of snow on top of the ice, so the snow melts slowly and the ice is still there.

Yesterday hubs was home with his shoulder again, but off to work today. He took the Jeep and so I WILL be at home. I would not even think about taking his truck.

I always think I have to do stuff on snow days. Like clean and clean and clean. But yesterday I read and read and read! Yep, I sure did. I read Outer Banks. It was so cozy in my jammies. Yes, all day in my jammies bottoms and sweatshirt! Then started another book last night. That was after I decided to steam clean the bedroom bathroom. I need to repaint the bathroom and the trim. So I got out my little steamer thing and off I went!
I could paint the bathroom, sew some slipcovers for the kitchen table chairs, and do some other things productive, but I think I will just read again. Hmmm with some hot cocoa and a big fat blanket by the fire! Yep, thats the ticket for today.

I made bread in the bread maker and chicken noodle soup yesterday, so supper is ready! hurray!

Better get going, I have a busy day planned.... hahahahha

Tootle loo

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Timi said...

Thank you! I didn't know about some of those. I know you said Martha posted it but, thank you for keeping in the loop with Martha. I deleted her. I may have to rethink that.