Friday, December 5, 2008

saran wrap +glitter = crazy teacher

Yep, both of those this week!

We made peppermint candy, you know the ones where you divide and color 2 paper plates, then put them together and cover with saran wrap and tie on the ends. Yep, that one. 21 of those. Thanks goodness a mom came by early and helped. Most of the kids had the saran wrap all over them!

Same mom came in today to help with today's craft. 3D Christmas Trees! Cut out 2 trees. Add a slit up one and down the other. Glitter the edges and put them together to make a 3D tree.

GLITTER is everywhere in the room. I will have to scrape off the desk with a blade on Monday!

Tomorrow is TU football and then the week begins:

Sunday -Church, make 6 doz cookies, straighten the house!

Monday- Dinner party for 15-20

Tuesday- Chili supper/cookie swap/ bunco second grade teachers.

Wednesday- meeting at BAUMC with bride

Thursday- dinner at Inverness Village

Friday and Sat.- At moms

Sunday- home, Church, SS party

Monday- ??

Tues-Kids Winter program at school


Thurs- Christmas parties...

Friday- pull my hair out and clean the room/movie day!

Saturday-- skipping around... school will be out

Through one art project each day at school and you get crazy teacher...

Pray for peace and quiet after 3 each day!

tootle loo

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