Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Guinea Pig

No, I'm not a pig... I am going to take a new Fibromyalgia drug that my MD just got. I will be their trial person. Its called Savella. Sounds pretty, huh? SO, if I realize that I have any extra arms or legs, I need to call them. Maybe my boobs will perk back up to the pre child days... maybe not huh?

I have moved the pantry to the craft room today. I unloaded all the "crap'. I mean craft supplies and I have painted it and put up shelves and reloaded the room. I will take pictures later. I am way too tired tonight! So the rest of this week, I need to clean out the pantry/laundry room and make it my craft room. Whew! Its really a pain in the hiney. But it will be better later.

We -son 1 and I took Moey to the vet today, She is sick again! Oh my gosh. She has an ear infection, go figure! son 1 paid for this journey to the vet. $154! Where oh where is the co-pay??

Tomorrow I have to take the new Jeep to be detailed, whatever???? They will give me a vehicle to tootle around in while I wait the 3 hours for the detailing to be done. 3 hours, what will they be doing??? I will let you know.

The garden is growing! We have peas, and lettuce we are already eating. I eat the peas in the pod with ranch dressing. I figure its good fiber!

Oh, I almost forgot! I had my minor surgery today. It only took 15 minutes but the warty things are gone. I didnt know that warts are a virus. Some darn kid probably gave it to me. Better that than head lice! YUKKO, thank goodness in 30 years I never acquired that little thingy. Back to the warty thing. She deadened it, ouch, then cut them off and burned em! Great job Dr. M.

Its off to bed and read a bit. I need a snack and I just happen to have some key lime cheesecake in the fridge, you know the one in the bucket already mixed up! Yep, that one. Just put it in a little graham cracker pie and eat away. Sometimes I dont wait for the pie....

I rode my bike today down to Pam's house. I almost wrecked, Those darn brakes are not like they use to be. You know how we could peddle backwards and stop. Not so much now. Oh well, its just like sex, you never forget huh.

Better get to bed.

Tootle loo

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Timi said...

You have been so busy! We need pictures of all your fun stuff. New pantry, garden, clean car. You know we are dying to see it all!
Have a wonderful day