Sunday, May 31, 2009

retirement cruiser

I got the cutest little pink bike today. The school had a little celebration for moi and had a money tree. I bought a bike today. I wanted to put a basket and bell on it,but there isnt a place for the basket, maybe on the bumper thingy??
Anyway hubs says I need a helmet and son 1 suggested knee pads, arm pads and extra insurance! hmmmmm thats not nice.

Anyway, 2 weddings yesterday! The first was crazy, the second perfect. Long day at the Church.

The first wedding I knew would be an issue even before we got started, but at the rehearsal we were missing a few people 1. father of the bride 2. best man 3. bridesmaid! hmm great.
They started taking pictures at 1:45- wedding was at 2:00, not going to happen. The photographer didnt have a telephoto lens so she wanted to reenact some of the wedding... Ok whatever. Towards the end of the pictures- after the wedding, she wanted the minister to come back. He was already gone, so then she wanted to "BORROW THE ROBE" to reenact some of the service... WHAT? I said. Absolutely not, that is a sacred robe only worn by an ordained pastor etc. well they just wanted it for a minute. GEEZE NO!
Then they had the reception at the Church and didnt get downstairs for it until 1 hour after the wedding!!!!!! Totally crazy. The father of the bride wanted to know what to do, right before he went in. So Laura, my assistant told him the minister would ask,"who gives this person in marriage..." She suggested he say, I do, her mom and I, we do, or the family does.... When asked by the minister during the wedding, the dad replies" we do, her mom and I, I do and the family does" Guess he couldnt decide which one to use!!!!!!!!!! Our church seats 1500 in the Sanctuary and 150 in the Chapel. They invited 50, so I suggested they use the Chapel. No way, they had it in the Sanctuary with 30 people counting the wedding party. GLAD its over.

I have lots planned for this week. I am moving the craft room to the pantry and the pantry to the craft room. AWWWWWKKKKK. Massage on Monday, minor surgery- mole-warty things on Tuesday, Jeep detailed on Wed., Maybe Thursday and Friday we will finish the room switch!

Tootle loo


Matt and Natalie said...

Love it!

Matt and Natalie said...

Thanks for the link to the Pioneer Woman blog...I LOVE it! I have to admit I have spent most of the day on there. Such a great blog & I have written down several recipes that I'm sure Mr Matt will gobble down happily!!