Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

I remember years ago, every federal holiday the boys would go with Gramps - hubs dad, to put the flags out all over town. Yes, we live in small town America. The boys would get up Saturday morning, go to the donuts store, load the flags in "brown the truck" and off they would go with Gramps. Monday night, they went to pick them up and take them back to the VFW Bldg. Gramps... the epitome of WWII hero. Do right, do a good job and never ever leave a job unfinished. Sunday morning at Church, in the "family pew", Gramps would give the boys $1.00 for being a good boy. That soon turned to $5,$10 and finally $20.00 as the grew older. Salutes to Gramps!

My dad also served the country in Korea. He never talked about his years in "the service", we only knew that he was there. I know that Daddy drew maps for the pilots, but he never bragged about his time... only served his country quietly. Daddy died before the boys had time to know him. Son 1 was 6 and son 2 was 4. So they were never able to ask Grampa about his years in the service. I know in his quiet way, he would have shared his memories with the boys. Salute to Daddy!

Both Daddy and Gramps have gone on the heaven and are forever watching over us, we salute you and miss you and thanks to you we can live in freedom forever!


Tootle loo

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