Thursday, July 12, 2007

F words.....

FFFFFFFFFFFFosamax, lets say it together. It goes with that other F word FFFFFFFFFFFFFifty.
I went to the DR for my "well woman" exam. Enough said about that. I had to update my file and there was a space for age. I felt strange writing 49+1, so I did it, I wrote 50!!! Thats a big step for me. Anyway, oh yea, I had a bone density test. Im in the 50%, so as a preventative measure I am adding Fosamax to my RX list. That test was really easy. Just lay there. I also need to start taking Calcium and Vitamin D. But, I'm in good health, so quit whinninggggggggggg.

Not much other news around the ole house. Rain, rain, rain. We were to go to a Drillers game, but I dont want to run to the car in the rain, so we will just go out for mexican food. Good, I can be in my jammies by 7:30. lazy!

Tomorrow morning I am having a breakfast meeting in Tulsa, so I think I will check out some estate sales. I just love them. Especially when there are linens.

Have a good night...


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tommiea said...

this just reminded me why I should be taking my vitamins! I turned 39 last year I will be checking the 40-50 box....oh yeah....just take the vitamins!