Friday, July 27, 2007

Plum tuckerd out

Yep, thats me, I am totally tired!
My Sister and I interview 2 prople to help her at Smacks. One was dumber than a box of rocks and the other was sharp as a doorknob. So, we were at TJ MAXX, a fav store and there was this guy running the cash register. Well, I am not shy, so I asked him if he knew of anyone that needed a part time job. Well I'll be, He does. Now lets think, he CAN run a cash register and he could carry on a conversation with the public (ie Moi). We told him to come in today and he came right in at 11:00. I will train him tomorrow and he will be great. He's in his early 20's and seem fun too. So I will say tootle loo to SMACKS tomorrow night. I get to go home!

School starts in 2 weeks. I always have 100's of things to do and make for my classroom. I come up with ideas and set right out to do them! My LH volunteered ( with guidance from me), to help me clean and get things arranged, then I can go up during the day to get things ready. I always want my duck in a row the few days before. Think retirement in June '09!!!!!!

Not much other exciting news here. I went to a few flea markets yesterday morning, I was not impressed too much. I got a bit of fabric and some linens. I LOVE, love old linens. I am also on the crazy roll to make or buy aprons... I only wear them when I fry chicken of cook at school!

Tootle Loo

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