Tuesday, July 10, 2007

CLEANING & REARRANGING..... You never know just whats happening at home in the summer.
Well, as you can tell the yellow gingham didn't last too long. I found this at Hobby Lobby, it was on sale and heavens I couldn't forgo a sale. So, I just whipped these up and put them in the kitchen.
I have cleaned and cleaned and rearranged furniture... Some days I just get this whim and start moving things around. My LH is so wonderful, he just goes with whatever. I turned on my CD's and took off around the house. I follow a bit of http:// flylady.net, not everything. Actually, last night I decided that I had not cleaned the sink before I went to bed, so I got up and one thing led to another and I had the stove and sink shinning like new. Much better, off to bed!

A picture of my reading haven... I just love to sit in here and read. During the winter the chair faces the fireplace. But, today I moved things around. I cant wait to brew some tea and read in my jammies. I wish I could read outside, but the mosquitos are out numbering me. Even with the fan on out on the patio, the are just using me as their dinner treat.
Speaking of rain...
On our way home from Frisco this weekend, we took a detour to the Dennison Dam. This is a pic of Lance in front of the open gates. It was the 3rd time in history that the water was over the spillway. It looked like a family reunion there. I saw people eating their dinner on the grass waiting for the lake (Texoma) to crest.
We took some pic and looked around a few minutes then went on our way.
I hope my "river raft" is more calm than this. I will just forgo that party. hahaha
Oh, I almost forgot. I just love a day at the spa. Today was my lucky day. I had a phone call from a teaching spa in Tulsa. I won a facial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been there a few times for massages. They are very professional and great treatments... very affordable too. So, where was I, oh yea, I have a dental appt at 8:00 am, then I was able to schedule a facial after that. WOW what fun for me!!!!! My dentist is not the traditional one, he adjusts my TMJ mouth piece/guard. He generally has to rebuild it every three months. I have this grinding issue!!!
It all goes together with my fibromyalgia... Gee, if anyone knows of a good Dr. for that, my symptoms are becoming a bit out of control. I hate to use more meds, but there must be something out there that I don't know about.
Better go find something for supper. Maybe LH can cook. That means we go out for supper!!!
tootle loo,

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