Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Happy July 4th

Look how cute my little front porch looks. Its all dressed up for the 4th. You cant see the cute little flag decs on the porch, but believe me its a cutie. oh you can see my gnomes. They are so cute. Love em. My mom got me one and my sister got the other one. Oops, its hidden behind the flag pole.
I had a great time in Tulsa today. We ate lunch at Lambrusco'z to go... yummy. I got some yummy cinnamon buns for L and dropped them off at work... well, he and LH talked this afternoon and LH thought he had been left out of the cinnamon buns loop. He came home from work all worried about his cinnamon buns. Well, of course I got him some too!!!! Poor thing. We stopped by Tapestry of Faith a few minutes and then off the bigger things. We always have fun together running around and gossiping. Well, its not gossip if its true.
Im trying to get my Ukraine information together. I emailed the Pastor in Ukraine tonight to see about VBS. I was also looking at my layover time in PARIS. Yes, I have a few hours there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im sure its not long enough to see anything, but at least I can hear the french language at Orley when they announce the flights!!! wha wha. Its funny, I was kidding at the last mission meeting at BAUMC and mentioned we could have a mission trip to Paris. Well, a few hours was not what I was really meaning. I guess I need to be more specific with my God/dialog.
Better go, I need to tidy up a bit before bed. After the second son was born, my Mom in her wisdom, told me to always spend a few minutes every nite to tidy up and then its always clean and fresh in the am.. so of course, I follow everything she tells me. hahahahaha. At least that part I do.
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