Thursday, June 2, 2011

she sprays sea shells

I saw some adorable silver sea shells on either Pottery Barn or some other Home Decor place... BUT they were outrageous... Seriously. So I went to Hobby Lobby my fav store and made my own... I actually had the pictures in order then changed them while they were downloading. So they are backwards. But here the deal...
                                              Get a glass container... Goodwill for $5.00

                                    Spray paint from Hobby Lobby- make sure its the chrome kind!

                           spray both sides of the shell, I used my old cookie sheet that I have for crafts

                                    Shells, from Hobby Lobby... I have 2 zip bags full in the craft crap room.

Tada, silver sea shell for for A total of about $10.00...

Tootle loo

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