Friday, May 23, 2008

Dog beauty shop

Moey went to the "doggy" beauty shop this evening. Doesn't she look soooooo pretty? She would only hold still for a treat! She ought to be pretty for $55.00, but whatever my sweet grand dog needs she gets! hahaha
Last day of school today! Yippee. My kids all left after the program at 11:30! That made my day. I got so much packed up and ready to check out on Tuesday. My room is getting new carpet, so I have some painting to do before July 1. Easy Cheesey!
I got paint for the 'red' wall in the family room and also some new paint and border for the office.
The red wall will become light greenish/grayish and the office is grayish.
I need to get to bed, so I can help hubs paint a wall at church before annual conference, at Boston Avenue.
tootle loo!

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