Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I know you are probably tired of hearing my whine about school this year... but I am plum tuckered OUT! My heavens... today we did a baseball/softball unit. I had about 10 pages of games, color sheets, word searches, picture hunt and they made a pennant! I had 2 of them throw them in the trash at the end of the day. A couple figured out that I was not taking a grade and just blew it off!!!!!! Whats up with this!!!????
Then I had after school pizza/movie party till 6:30 tonight. I had the "good" kiddos, so it was great. We watched "Swiss Family Robinson", they loved it. Report cards were printed 3 times today and I still dont know if they are correct.... hmmmmm! too many changes I dont know about.
Other than that...son #1 is having a great time in Colorado. he is there this week and then back to Texas. He is loving this job. Still with the 'brokerage' firm, but he just travels to different 'firms' to fill in as needed.
Moey the grandog has been really good. We are learning 'no bark' at random things. she likes to bark just to hear herself.
So, 3 days of school and we are out for the summer.......... yippee. I CAN retire after next year, but I dont know if I will. I think it might be better if I know I can.
Better get, laundry callin and I am about to fall asleep. Oh, I got a new ice cream maker for Mother's Day and made the most delllllicious vanilla icecream! yummmmmmo.
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