Monday, May 12, 2008



I am so ready for this year to be out. I do believe this had been the hardest year of teaching second grade. It seems like the days are dragging and I getting more and more stressed.

We have a computer program that is set up through the SDE- State Dept of Ed! Enough said... I hate it. My grades and attendance are kept on it and every time we have to send reports, something happens!!!! I have to mess with it yet again tomorrow!!!! We have an IT person but even she cant keep it up and going...

The kids are just fartin away the day. No matter what I have for them to do, they whine and gripe! Whats the deal. Even fun stuff they do and then throw away! Art projects, they do a crappy job and just toss them. What happened to the politeness of children, they argue with me all day and I am not the person to argue with. They do 1/2 of the job and argue that they didn't know. They play their mom and dad like all get out! Its quite as can be and one little boy has decided that if he makes an F he can tell mom that it was noisy and he cant concentrate! Bull Crap, I can hear a pin drop, but mom believes the little angel and she wants for him to be able to do it over at home!!!! I AM GOING NUTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

We are having a picnic next week with our 1st grade reading buddies and about 4 of them are whining, that they don't want to play with them and have a picnic. We were going to walk to the Library in town and have a book scavenger hunt, they whine because we have to walk about 7 blocks!!!!

OK, I'm finished for tonight... maybe hahaha,

Tell your kids teachers what a wonderful job they are doing, right now we all need a little boost.

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