Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday's Wisdom

Hmmm... Its a dreary day in Cville today. Im at home craftin my little nail less fingers right off. I took off my nails a few weeks ago and have left them off... hopefully for the summer, we will see about that!
But, back to the important stuff. My Principal ordered 52, yes thats 52 cardinal heads key rings!
I finished them just a few minutes ago, then I already had 7 orders for Mothers Day, got those done too!!!!! No more obsessing about gettin them all finished at night. Im glad to get it finished!!! But my fingers are way tired!

Moey was in the house yesterday since it was raining. I got home from school and could not hear her. I finally found her barking in the craft room. I guess she went nosein around and pushed the door open! OOps, it shut on her and she could not get out! I was in there all last night and this morning and she would stop at the door!!!!! So funny, poor thing!

Dinner is in the crock pot and I need to take a 'cold heat' soldering gun back to Radio Shack. It doesn't heat up fast enough for me. But I think I will have a quick nap first!!!

Have a great wonderful rainy day...

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