Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend funnies

This weekend we went to OKC to get Moey, Ryan's dog .

Hubs and I went on Saturday afternoon and had the best time with my nephew's boys. They are 2 and4 and soooooooooo cute. Being the auntie I taught them to pea pea outside and to stick their finger in the icing of the cake! yep, that what aunties do!
Hubs and I took them to WalMart and and looked at every toy available . They each got a ball and book, then today we went out to eat after Church and the boys had so much fun! They were sitting at the table with hubs, Ryan and I and were doing a great job eating. So, the manager brought them a piece of cake and 6 scoops of ice cream the whipped topping and cherries! So yummy. After the adults got their part, the boys dug in! They had ice cream everywhere, but they were have a ball! We picked them up and took them straight to the bathroom for a scubbin.
They are the cutest things.
Look mommy, auntie p let me eat lots of ice cream!
Yep, its all for me cause I ate all my lunch!
We also got Moey, she is really missin Ryan, but she will be fine. She rode on my lap all the way back to Collinsville and shed all over the Jeep! I need to clean it tomorrow. She has been lookin all over for Ryan...
Better get to the laundry and ready for the week of school!
3 WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Little Town Big Life said...

Really pretty baubles!!! You're doing great!!