Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cuuuute dress

I am lovin this dress.... I looked for it at two Target's and could not find it. Love the Internet. It will be delivered in 2 weeks. I am really hoping that its not this short. They have it in black too! Cute isn't it!!!!!!
BFF Pam- littletownbiglife, and I shopped all darn day. We started with lunch at 'Cheesecake Factory', then went to the Mall. I got another cute hot pink dress at Macy's. 70% off. Way cute for $25.00. More stuff at Sephora and Chico and then off the Target, Mardel and Hobby Lobby.
I found fabric for my family room curtains at Wally World. I am using burlap with black trim. I'll take pics later when I get it finished.
We had a great time and enjoyed every minute. what fun. I grabbed hubs some of that chicken from Wally World and slapped together a salad, he loves it. Moey at the skin and is laying on the floor like a fat tick! She is so funny. She loves ice cream, especially the homemade vanilla I make. She will be fat as a toad when Ryan sees her again.
We are off to OKC for Youth Force later in June, so will have to spend time at her house in Frisco. Poor thing, she will miss me.
Better get, I need to make some curtains!!!!!
Tootle loo

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BellaColle said...

It IS a cute dress!
Your curtains sound really pretty! Cant wait to see pics!
Have a good weekend.