Sunday, June 1, 2008

crappin out

This is my worst, most hated thing in the world.... the dentist.
I know I am all about crowns, but not in my mouth with shots and drills and .........
Plus, hubs and I are speaking tonight at church. I was not really a bit concerned until the Sr. Minister announced this morning , to please be in attendance as we are all waiting in great anticipation... to hear the wonderful missioners speak about their mission experience. I am usually not rattled a bit when speaking in front of other people, but tack on the dentist in the morning and I am crappin out deluxe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So all of you in blogville, start praying about 5:30 and dont stop until 11:00 tomorrow!!!!
I always take my ipod a turn it up way loud, so I dont hear a thing!!!!!!! What else is there to do????????????
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