Friday, June 20, 2008


This post is NOT for the faint of heart.

We all know I have IBS-, issues with pooping. My sweet niece is following my path and the only one in the family that understands. So anywho, the past week I have had mild craps, not really anything, but with everything else going on,(read prior post) I have ignored it. So this afternoon after painting in my classroom for a couple of hours, the cramps were so bad I could hardly walk.

Fast forward to Sunday, we are taking 25 youth from Boston Avenue Methodist to Youth Force in OKC for 1 week. We will be the God Squad and oversee a bunch of kiddo do repair work in the OKC area. Yep, hubs and I are 'in charge', ok so back up to 3:00 today. I called the Dr to see how many laxatives I can take in 1 day. I have to get this 'crap' out before Sunday morning ! Thats a play on words huh, Ok back to the post... They want my to come on in. OK, just add one more trip to a medical facility in the past 2 weeks. So, I get there and glory be, my tummy is distended and 'tender' to the touch, yep, i knew that, off I go over the St. John Owasso, right next door for a lab test. They think I have diverticulitis- hmmm, the test come back with normal white blood cells, so yep you are full of crap!!!! Great, off the Walgreen to get a bottle of the "STUFF", drink the whole thing and follow it with 3 glasses of water, while you are at it get Colace for the trip and a package of Prunes!!!!!!!!! Good gosh!

So fast forward to home, I walk in the door and tell hubs I home, where have you been, he was asleep the whole time I was gone. So I retell him the story and he just shakes his head and put in a couple of movies for a long night at home. Needless to say its been a long night and its only 10:00 pm.

So moral to the story, if you have IBS, dont ignore cramps! Eat prunes ALL THE TIME and don't forget the Colace!

tootle loo,

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Tutti Chic said...

you poor thing! My sister has this & she suffers at times too! glad you are better-") chris