Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just take a gander at this stuff!

Well, I had a wonderful birthday. Nice and peaceful.
I went to the Dr in the am to change my fibromyalgia meds, then to Maggie Moo's for my lunch... key lime ice cream with white chocolate chips, then to Uptown to get my hair colored and cut, lookin cuuuuute, then home for a nap. Hubs got home at 4:45 and we left at 5:15 for the "date" we went here:
Discovery Land

Its about 40 minutes away in Sand Springs. we had dinner and then they sang an
Oklahoma Review group of songs. At 8:00 we saw "Oklahoma". The weather was awesome. Nice and cool and wonderful. Hubs went to buy a blanket/throw form the girt shop at the beginning, cause we wore short and were cold! Cold in Okla in June... go figure that one.

These are flowers from son #1. He is in Frisco, and I miss him all the time. Love my boys you know. Aren't they beautiful??? Love me some flowers too! Thanks Ryan

These are from my Mom and Rick. Love em too! they are really slippers but they have a sole on them. The inside is that memory foam and I will live in them!!! She sent $$$ fo I got them today, do you like em Momma???? look for me wearing these in Hobby Lobby, Target and Reasor. hahaha

This clipboard was from a BFF-Yaya, CAS. We share the June birthday month. Love that pink clipboard. Her mom sent me a gift card to Victoria's Secret. FOREVER, she buys CAS panties and bra's from Victoria Secret and drops them off. I remarked once my Momma never does that! So after 5-6 years of everytime I see her, I whine I dont have pretty panties and bras that match anymore, they are all yukko. She sent me a gift card to buy panties! At 3 she figures. She is the sweetest gal!
We go out to dinner tomorrow night with son #2 and MIL. So hmmmm more stuff for moi!!!
I love it when its my bday. I will draw for the gift give away tonight. I made 7 cuuuute necklaces for a client and got those off today. I will link you up with her site later. actually when I figure out how to do that linky thingy......
tootle loo


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes!


restyled home said...

It sounds like you had the perfect birthday! You're obviously very well-loved, because I'm loving all your loot...especially those slippers!!

Happy belated birthday!!