Wednesday, June 18, 2008


No, I haven't forgotten about my give away... really I promise.

This has been the last 6 day
1. migraine- trip to ER, shots and sleeping
2. faucet in the kitchen blows a gasket, literally help hubs fix that until 11:45 pm last night.
3. trip to the dentist to have the permanent crown put on.
4. trip to the other dentist to have mouth piece adjusted, can you come back next week??? NO
5. daily crap
6. I knew I need to paint my classroom white before the 1st of July, because that is the date of the new carpet installation. Oops, did we not call you the other day??? No, well the installation will begin on Monday, can you please come unload your room and paint, what??? yep, so PAINT, PAINT, PAINT.... I'm still not done. I broke 2 rollers today. STRESSES PAINTING, but I was listening to 102.3, thank goodness, I needed praise music!
7. phone rings this afternoon...can you come in tomorrow morning and have the 2 moles cut off your chest ( no, not my boobs), and we can cut that one out of you scalp too!!! Sure why not.
8.Get stuff ready for Youth Force OKC all next week.
9. Whining bridezilla: I have envisioned getting married at BA, since I was a little girl and the piano at the front was not in my vision.
me: It cost $500-$1000. to move it
bridezilla: Ok
me: We are not going to move it. I didn't get moved during annual conference and its not going to be moved now.
bridezilla:But that's not what I envisioned as a little girl.
me: visions change!!!!!

Hello chickadee, your little married life probably isn't going to be what you envisioned either, so get over it!!!!

But I am healthy and wise, not sure about the wealth, but whatever, hahaha

Keep Mackenzie Sunday in your prayers. She is a freshman at Cville. They found a malignant growth on both ovaries, spine and bones. She has had 2-3 surgeries already and is starting on meds. She and her family feel alone in the Houston area. She is at MD Anderson in a great deal of pain. You cn follow her daily at search- mackenziepalmer

Also, tomorrow is the funeral for another young girl. Haley Palmer- 13yrs old, she died Cystic Fibrosis this past weekend. So very young, these precious children.

Ooooohhhhh, I almost forgot , silly me! You know I make jewelry for fun, to sell, etc duh, thats what I giving away! Anywho, I met a girl at Mayfest that liked a necklace I was wearing and she wanted for me to make some using her designs. Ok, so I did, mailed her 7 necklaces to see what she thought. SHE LOVED THEM AND WANTS THEM FOR HER BUSINESS!!!! Yippee Skippee.
She will take them to her art show!!!!!!!!!!!! No overhead for me.

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BellaColle' said...

Oh gosh... Sounds like you've had a heck of a week... I hope your migraine is done with! I know first hand how yucky those things can be...
Hurray on your wholesale order!?
That is wonderful!! And well deserved..
I just said a prayer for that yound lady and her family..and the family of the other young one...
Have a wonderful weekend.