Saturday, June 7, 2008

Lets give away a present!!!!


I think that its time for a give away. Its only 3 days until my big day... so thats the day I will pick ( June 10). I will make a pretty bauble necklace for the chosen person. You have to leave a comment if you want a present!!!!!
Mom says its too hard to leave a comment, so I will go back and change the moderations for a while, for you Mom!
Its been a whole year since I started blogging about my life in (hillbilly he**) aka Branson. Whee time goes way fast. I have met the neatest girls online and only wish we could all meet up and eat and drink the weekend away. Think about it:
*********sweet tea
*********cupcakes with butter cream icing
*********beautiful hydrangia's
*********cool summer porch with a ceiling fan
*********lots of laughter and chatter
oh what fun we would have.
Hubs and I are teaching the Sr. High Sunday School class for the net 4 weeks.
The topic is " Because we can...should we". Whew, that opens a lot of doors. We are in the art room do its hands on. I am using a Sally Jean technique. They will draw a clip of paper and begin their art project with that technique. ex: paint, paper, ink, pattern, smudge, charcoal etc. At the end of the month they will have a project to remind them that just because we can...should we.
There are always 2 sides to each story, So sometime we should because we can! Hmmm. I will keep you posted.
Ok dont forget to leave a comment for a giveaway!!!
tootle loo


Jennifer Still said...

Because we can, should we? What a thought-provoking topic!

kamewh said...

Please enter me :) Thank you for the giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your blogs... am a retired teacher. Know you mom... neat lady! I would like to "register" for the really great prize and think I deserve it because my 52nd wedding anniversary is June 10th.

Little Town Big Life said...

I, of course, want to be entered!!!

Anonymous said...

Mom says Happy Birthday Honey!

natalie said...

I Love that! What a great thing to pose to a High schooler...or any kid from about 6th grade on, for that matter! I always told my son, to think ahead at least two steps, to what COULD happen. (that, and what would Mom, Dad, Grandma , and Grandpa think?) WWMDT? WWGGT? Hee Hee!

P.S. Love the Bauble!!