Thursday, June 5, 2008

You have got to be kidding me!

Did anyone happen to see this TV show on CBS this evening??!!! Oh my gosh. Hubs was scanning through the channels tonight and stopped on channel 6. Generally ok at 9:00 pm. Well, not tonight . We didnt know what the show was, but when they were taking 'quaalude'- (dont know how to spell the thing), and trading spouses to have group sex...on prime time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats up with this.
No wonder the kids in second grade know what sex is about. Good gosh, children are still up and watching TV in the summer at this time. I am not believing this is on and during prime time!

Tootle loo

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Little Town Big Life said...

I didn't watch, but the show is "Swingtown" -- I saw the ad a couple of times and thought "that is one I DON"T want to see"

They also talk about "swingers"

Yeah, what's wrong with our TV shows??? They are TRASH!!!