Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Texas Tango

Fast trip to Texas... but we had so much fun. Lance, Laura and I tool Moey back to Ryan :(
We ate out last night with Ryan and then watched 2 movies. Today we went to IKEA and Sprouts! Love the store---Sprouts. Its an organic grocery store in Frisco. I am wanting one of those nearby.

The trip to the dentist was uneventful. 2 hours in the dental chair! They had the gas ready for me!!! I turned on my Ipod and the time flew by. I was a very good girl! I didnt cry or fuss!

Tomorrow is clean house and do laundry. I got some new cleaner. Geranium! mmmmm its
smells so good. I cant wait to clean the house tomorrow from top to bottom .
I cleaned Ryan's house today and left it all sweet smelling ans shinning for him. Moey was looking at me like why are you leaving me?? She will be waiting for Ryan when he gets home..
Off to bed and read a new book.
tootle loo,

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Little Town Big Life said...

Hey--there IS an organic store in Tulsa--Wild Oats. They have every kind of "green" and organic item you can imagine!!!

Sisters with Style said...

I love Mrs. Meyer's products. In fact, geranium is my favorite scent. It makes your whole house smell like it.