Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Moey new trick

These are the kind of windows we have. They roll outward, with a screen
Today I put Moey out in the backyard and as I was leaving, I decided to open the window a bit because its was going to be a nice day. OK so far... I left and when I came home 7 hours later, I heard whinning., I thought wow, Moey sound close. She had jumped up onto the brick window ledge and was between the window and the screen stuck!!! I dont know how long she had been there, but she was sooooo thirsty! Beats me how she balances onto the brick window ledge!!!!
She may have been up there all day!
Poor thing. I took the screen off and she jumped down and went directly for her water bowl barking!
Silly dog. She is fine, but keep looking at the window. Guess I wont leave windows open! I sont know why she want to come in all say other than she is spoiled.... I did leave her in yesterday, as it was going to rain, hmmmm who is the smart dog now.

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