Saturday, June 9, 2007

Its finally Saturday night

I made it for one whole week. The tips were pretty good too, but LH gave me a big fat tip!!!! He is here with Lance for the Big B day weekend!!!

We had a funny day. I was giving change to a man and I was in the $1's pile, well heaven to Betsy, there was a $100 bill sittin in that spot!!!! So, I looked again just to be sure and it was there... LH and Lance were there so I told them. I stuck it in the special place for those big dogs and thought for once I would be ahead of the daily tally not behind. Plus, I was seeing a trip to Victoria's Secret for a bra!!! I told my sister and she was thinking the same thing. About 15 minutes later a lady came in hysterical. She had lost a $100 bill and we were the only place she used her cash. My sister told her yes, we found it, we gave it back and she gave us one measly dollar. But, there is a moral to the story. We are at the lake for the weekend and on the way we nearly died. A car turned around in the middle of the road and we missed them by a few inches. I nearly hit them smack in the side!!! Jesus was watching us!!!

Yesterday, I took my sister to get a little makeover. She got her hair foiled and cut into a cute chunky funky cut. She is not as fru fru as me. So, by the time I leave whe will have a complete makeover. She was carrying this ugly purse, so we are in he process of getting a newer updated style. Hers looks like an old lady. She just loves when I come, hahaha!

Oh, tomorrow is the big DAY!!!! the big 49+1 day. We will celebrate at Table Rock. I hope that box that come from my fav store Tiffanys is at the lake with us!!!!

See ya later

Tootle Loo,

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