Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pics of Branson

I finally sat down and uploaded the pics of Smacks.
This is the ordering area. The ice cream, topping, and the shake machine.
So, there isn't a lot of room there. Just the two of us. I take the orders, get the ice cream, drinks, and make shakes. Oh yea, I also make the waffle cones. Wow, they are so fattening!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea! So, if you like them, I won't tell you what they are made from... lets just say lots of eggs, sugar, oil and other fat carbs.
This is the front part of the ordering area. It doesn't look to complicated, until there are people line up outside the door waiting to place their order. I just keep thinking... one at a time, they can either leave or wait until I get to them.

This is the eating area. Those two are my Mom and Rick. They came to help, while I am at home. Gee, they don't seem to be busy right now.
So, now you have the general idea of my day to day excitement. hahaha
Since today is Father's Day, Im grilling pork chops, potatoes and carrots, corn on the cob then a little bit of chocolate cake to finish the day.
Tomorrow, I go back to MO. for 2 weeks, then home again for the rest of the summer.
Have a good Father's Day!!!
tootle loo,

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