Friday, June 22, 2007

Baking Day

Today was baking day at Smacks. Colleen baked 36 loaves of bread. Im soooooooo glad I am not the baker of bread!!!!!
It was a somewhat slow day again. The busses were not unloading today. whew! So sales were down. However, we were lucky that today was
"crazy people day". We must have gotten all the crazies. My goodness , nobody could make a decision about anything. How hard is it to look at the menu and make a choice. No, we dont have soup in the summer... no we can't make 1/2 of a hot dog, no we can't let you go to the bathroom that says employees only, no you can't use a debit/credit card when it say "cash only"--- please check your cash supply before you order!!
Lets see, what else?? Oh, yea, Does the ice cream have gelatin in it??? Beats me!
I guess Im really saying that there is NO way I could do this for my profession. It's not rocket science, but its becoming very mundane. How many time can I tell someone whats come on a hotdog... mustard, chili, cheese and kraut, if you want it. Its written right above my head. I honestly dont know how my sister has done this since November. I guess some people have a passion for it. I was doing OK until today and its becoming the same thing every day.. Good afternoon, how are you all today, can I get you something?
Wha, wha, wha... I am whiny as my LH would say. So, tomorrow after we serve the tourist, we will go to the lake for the weekend. We will be back on Monday. My sister and I found a massage therapy place that uses their students. Its right here in Ozark. So, we will participate in a big fat massage, then I need my nails filled. Oh yea, my sister has never had a pedicure.. can you believe a relative of mine has not participated in this activity. Believe it, she has not!! So, while Im getting a mani, she will get a pedi.
I guess that sums up my day. Just a reminder, PRAY, PRAY and then PRAY some more that SMACKS sell at the auction on June 28!!! My sister is ready to complete this transaction and move on to the next chapter in her book of life.
Have a good Saturday, hope your off, we aren't.
tootle loo,

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