Monday, June 25, 2007

Girls Day

Today was girls fun day. Its been a long time since my sister and I were able to spend a day of playing. We had a pedi/mani and massage. Wow we feel great tonight. Usually when we are together we are working at Smacks or in OKC caring for a Grandma or doing some kind of scheduled event. So today was a treat for us. We ate and laughed and had a great time!!!
Of course, mine are the pink ones!!!

This is a pic of my sister and the new waverunner. We had a great time on it yesterday. They have a ski rental on Table Rock Lake. The lake is up and clear and the ski's are ready to ride for the 4th. They are generally all rented for this coming week and the upcoming hoilday week too.

Sunday evening we took my brother in laws sister to eat for her birthday! We went to a place called Gaskin's Cabin. I had chicken with ricotta cheese. I ordered chocolate bread pudding for desert. It was alright, but it was more like a baked fudge than bread pudding. I make better bread pudding. My sister had fried shrimp it reminded us of Sonic's fried shrimp. So we were not impressed at all. Except for the steak that my brother in law had. It was good. Oh, well we had fun anyway.
Three more day until the AUCTION. We are really hopeful. There are about 3 people really interested, but you can't count on anything until the gavel is hit with a sale! Keep your fingers crossed.
Have a good evening
tootle loo,

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