Monday, June 4, 2007

Arrival in Ozark

okay... I'm in Missouri. I actually only had to stop one time, that good for me. So, its off to work in the morning. The "Coke" man comes in the morning, so we have to be there early?????

Last night I had the best birthday dinner with my YAYA friends. We celebrated my 49+1 birthday and a dear friend's 39th. We ate, laughed and ate some more. Key Lime Pie!!!!! Yummy. I got some yummy bath stuff, a book about being old, a huge teacup full of flowers to put on the patio, a stone to put in the flowerbed, some funky glasses that say 50. I think I will wear them in the morning!!!!
I post some pics tomorrow night of the deli.
Have a good evening.

tootle loo...

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