Tuesday, June 26, 2007


We started out a bit confused... I dropped my sister off at the door to Smacks this morning because we had a case of Orange Crush to carry. I went on to our parking area and came in with the groceries we needed for the chicken salad. I got in the door and asked where the money bag was???? Not in the car!!! oops we left it at home. So back to her house I went. While I was gone she started the ice tea pot, the the little lever was open and the tea ran all over the floor. But, we had a good day after that.
A couple of "local" people were wondering where the bread pudding was. So, I guess I will make some in the morning. As we were discussing the bread pudding, a table of 3 rather fluffy ladies overheard. They want to be first in line for the bread pudding. Guess, I better make a double batch. One of the ladies ate not one waffle cone, not two, but three waffle cones as well as lunch. Now, she didn't eat all of them at once, but between the hours of 2-4:00!!!!! She will be a bit fluffier in the morning.

Tomorrow is my sisters, sister-in-law's birthday. So if the jet ski business is quiet at 4:00 we are going to dinner then to SIX. They are a group of guys that sing. They are pretty good. You can read about them athttp://www.sixrealbrothers.com/. They came in to eat today as well, 2 families and showed an interest in buying Smacks and calling it SIX SMACKS??????? We will see.
The auction in 2 days away. I found this really wonderful house being auctioned that night. It is just my dream house. Old with a wrap around porch, 2 story, 2 sunrooms, hardwood, lanscaped yard, BEAUTIFUL...http://www.billylong.com/mega.htm its parcel #8. The only problem is that I don't live here and I haven't told my LH about my lust for this house. Do you think he will mind if I bid on it?????? Maybe if I talk real sweet, and promise to not whine for the next 30 years. If you wish to contribute to my dream in a monetary fashion, please do so immediately! I'll let you drink lemonade on the porch with moi! Now, can you just see me sitting on the porch every day with my fruity drink and a magazine?

THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can also see my sisters parcel at the same website site but parcel #24

Well tootle loo,

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