Thursday, June 7, 2007


Wow, this was a crazy day!
It started quite calm - that should have been the hint, then picked up a bit at lunch. The bad part was at 3:00. A family of 7 children, grandma, grampa,and other cousins came in to eat. They could not decide what they wanted. All the kids wanted ice cream, mom was yelling they could not have it. She placed an order , then changed it in just a few minutes. Then, she let the kids ...all of them order ice cream. They didn't get the part where you order and wait patiently!!!! They wanted one and then would change to another, I finally got into my teacher mode and they got their ice cream. We had them all fed and Grandpa wanted a hot dog, uncle wanted a hot dog after he saw grandpa's!!!!. They spillled stuff everywhere, left trash out and get this!!! One of the kids spit something out and left it in the napkin OPEN on the table!!!!! My gosh, were they born on another planet. They finally left at 4:00. We shut and locked that door right up.
Then I count money for my sister. Well, money and I are like oil and water-- we don't mix well, I had to count it 4 times. I finally got it done and we sat down for a bite to eat.
Thank goodness this is not my chosen profession!!!!! Now don't get me wrong, we meet lots of wonderful people who are traveling and we have a great time visiting with them, but one bad apple can spoil your day.
I have this tip jar that my sister say rarely gets filled, so its been funny to see if I can get more tips than she does. Today I put a note on it that said,"tips for the teacher", best tip day ever.

Tomorrow, LH and my son are coming up for my birthday weekend. I hope he does not forget the "little blue box" with the white bow-- you know the one I'm talking about from Tiffany's.
Lance and Laura will spend the day on the waveruner at Table Rock, LH can either work with me or go to the Lake with my brother in law. Hmmmmm wonder which he will choose???

I think I will get my swimsuit on and go get in the hot tub for a long soak, maybe a glass of wine and my ipod.

Have a good evening,
tootle loo,

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