Saturday, June 23, 2007


Today was rather slow until 1:00, then we did not stop until 4:30!

I had a bit of an accident this morning. I have this amazing thing from Pampered Chef that slices vegetables. I have used it at home a couple of time and always cut a slice of my finger while cutting veggies. So, I brought it to my sister to use at SMACKS. I told her to be really careful when she used it. I was doing great cutting tomatoes with it until today! Bam, I sliced my right thumb. Now, its not just a small slice, I did it really good. I probably could have used a couple of stiches, but who wants to sit in the ER in Branson for hours. We finally found some butterfly strips and I think its going to be OK now. My sister is much more medical hands on than me. I know what to do, but I'd rather not touch or see the wound. She really enjoys the blood issue. So, I will spend the remainder of the weekend resting at the lake.

They bought a new waverunner today and I guess it has to be "broken in", so I might go with my sister tomorrow to do that on the lake. Otherwise, it a lazy Sunday.

Better go, its time to put on jammies and read a bit...

tootle loo,

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