Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Christmas Gathering

I had so much fun tonight at 'A Christmas Gathering'. It was so fun. We started the night with shopping in the little area full of goodies. I got my mom and mother in law some stuff. Ryan something and a book. Then, we went around to different tables and tasted lots of yummy foods! Finally, we all went in to the Sanctuary/Auditorium, and they began the show with some beautiful music. A photographer talked about taking photos and then how to display them, for Christmas. After that we had a tutorial about jewelry, cooking and finally gifts. I was a bit lit Oprah's show where she gives away stuff. We got a big metal tub, a Two's Company insulated tote, a pickle for the tree and a bling bling ring. WOW

This is my friend Sheila. She works with me at school teaching second grade too!
And there is my partner in crime! Little town big life! Yep there we are tearing up the town.
What fun it was. So relaxing and just an enjoyable time with a group of Christian women of various faith, but there to enjoy the season and thank God, for all the blessings we had received by His grace alone.
The Church is in Broken Arrow and is quite big and I would guess somewhat 'progressive', bands, coffee shop, lots of fun stuff for the kids. What a wonderful thing for them!
Hub and I go to a very 'liturgical' Methodist Church in downtown Tulsa- Boston Avenue. I really like the conservative teaching and liturgy, but its wonderful to share the love of Christ with women everywhere.
So, that is what I did tonight. I have a wedding rehearsal tomorrow night, a wedding Saturday night and somewhere in there we want to decorate the house for Christmas!
Whew, where does the time go...
tootle loo,

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Anonymous said...

pen, the pics are cute. You and Pam are begining to look alike, you have been running around together to long! Was this at Asbury? Sally asked if you were doing a wedding on Sat. They will be there.

Flea Market Queen said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening!
Thanks for the visit...