Friday, November 2, 2007

flannel jammies

That is all I want to do tomorrow! Yep, not much. I want to stay in my jammies until I decide not to. It might be all day.
Today I: taught 2nd gr, ran to the groc store after school, had a wedding to produce at 6:30, met hubs at Panera Bread for supper at 8:00, went to Kohl's to shop for pant/slacks and then home in my jammies at 10:00.

Its like that commercial, zoom, zoom, zoom!
All oof my pants are too big! yep, Even hubs said it looked like I pooed in my pants! So I bought 4 pair of pants and 5 shirts at Kohls tonight! Tomorrow am crafting, making stew and homemade bread, doing laundry, and whatever makes me happy, oh and I will drink hot cocoa all day with big fat marshmellows.
Have a great weekend... stay in your jammies too!
tootle loo!


Little Town Big Life said...

Better be careful---too many hot cocoas & marshmallows & you'll need your old pants!!! ha ha ha

Still in pj's here!! But it's just 9; however, I'm thinking flannel & t will make a good Saturday attire!

tommie said...

I wish I could stay in pjs all day! Kohls has some great deals. I got a cool hoodie yesterday. Comfy enough, but if I have to go do something I wouldn't be too underdressed!

happy Saturday