Sunday, November 11, 2007

Centennial Week

This week we will celebrate Oklahoma's Centennial. Friday is the big day at school. We will celebrate by rotating classes all day. My room is 'cowchip' toss. Yep, leave it to me to come up with that.
I guess it goes back to my summers in Buffalo, Ok. My Great Grandma and Papa lived there and we would go every summer for 2-3 weeks. When we were older- about 12 we would ride the bus from OKC to Buffalo. Wow, that was a treat. We were threatened within a inch of our life if we got off or talk to strangers. I don't remember doing that much, maybe a couple of times. Papa would take us to Dobey Springs for a picnic. He would tell us all types of stories about life in the rural part of Ok. and I remember the first time he took us to get some dried 'cow poop' and we would throw them to see whose would go the farthest.
We had a great time in Buffalo with lots of wonderful memories. I guess that is one reason I really like small towns to raise a family. We knew everyone and they would know we were coming to visit. I look a lot like my mom's side of the family. I would go walk to town and they would know I was a McVicker, my sister would be with me and they would want to know who my friend was, she looks like dad's side.
Ok, so enought reminsing! I could go on forever about those trips, life was so innocent. We have wonderful memories of Grandma and Papa!
So here's to you Papa, I'm making round bean bags and will tell the 8 rotations I will have, about the 'olden days' when we threw 'cow poop' for FUN!
Love and hugs to all of you up there in heaven... I miss you all so much, yes, I am being a good girl! Well, most of the time. But you never did tell me what 'good girl' meant! hahaha - I guess that means I get to decide!
tootle loo,

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