Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Craft Corner

This is what I did today. I had already put them together. I only needed to solder them, attach jump rings and whatever I could find for the bottom part. On the back of the pink one, its says, 'pink ribbons', the front of the other one says 'sister', the back of it says 'cake is for supper'.
OK, this did not turn out the way I has hoped. I made some necklaces/ornaments uising glass and then soldering the two pieces. This one is for a gift. I bought a little square silver medallion at my favorite store in Owasso. Surcee'. It is the Cuuuuuutest store. I want one of everything in there for Christmas. So, this says on the front 'reach for the moon' on the back is it says' you might just catch a star'. Its for PEO, and the gift had to be 'a star'. Its really cute I put glitter and seed beads in it.

These are some that I have soldred, but have not attached jump rings. i will do that tomorrow. i will hang a crystal from the bottom.

Oops, they were turned sideways and I didnt rotate it before I posted. Oh well just turn your head. The first one is on crown paper and says 'queen'. the second is on santa paper and says 'believe' and the last is on black paisley and says 'queen

I went to Wal Mart this afternoon to get some stuff. I was in the Christmas decs and saw the neatest ornaments. They were black and silver. I am going to go back to tomorrow and get a tree and ornaments etc for Ryan. This will look so cool at his house. I hope Moey-his dog, doesn't eat the oranaments!
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tommie said...

Looks like a productive weekend!!

Little Town Big Life said...

Ok sister friend, I am SOOOOOO jealous I can hardly breathe!!!

I have GOT to get busy--no, I have got to slow down & have some fun with this!

You are talented beyond measure!

Check your email!!