Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Taco Soup

Yummy Yummy...
I was so chilly this morning, I rummaged around in the pantry and found all the things to make taco soup, you know the one with the beans, taco seasoning, dry ranch dressing, rotel, hamburger, corn, black beans, 2 cans of chicken broth, ranch beans... put it a crock pot and leave it all day. Add some corn bread and presto chango... supper is ready.

Then hubs, decided it was cold enough to start a fire in the fireplace. Smoke alarm sound... Good
heavens I forgot that I repainted the black part of the fireplace this summer. Open the patio door, open the windows and turn on the fans. Guess I forgot to tell him... oh well. I was just tyring to make it look good this summer. whatever.

happy fall ya'all

tootle loo

oh yea, I have a class project to make with 20 kids on Friday. We are going to mosaic the top part of a stool. We will put a cardinal on top and paint the rest red. Does anyone have any hints. I have never really done this except outside on a table.

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tommie said...

That soup sounds amazing....but I doubt the kids would eat it and I don't think I could love it for a week! The weather is finally perfect for comfort food like that.

as for stool, no hints.....have fun!