Friday, November 16, 2007

Plum Tuckerd Out

7:00- get up to coffee in bed... everyday perk from Hubs! OOps head cold - I feel like crap!
7:45- get to school
8:15- 'rise & shine' with 300 kids
8:30- move all the desk to the side of the room and get ready for 9 classes to rotate in and out of my classroom. We are celebrating Oklahoma's Centennial!
9:00- start rotation... 'cow chip' toss... {read post a couple days back}
9:20- new group of 23 start all over
9:40- new group of 20 start all over
10:00- new group of 20 start all over
10:20- new group of 20 start all over
10:20-10:30- potty break with kids
10:45- get my own kids back until 12:30
12:30- start rotation again...
12:30-12:50- new group of 20 start over again
1:00-1:20- new group of 20 start over again
1:20-1:40- new group of 20 start over again
1:45-2:15 - take my kids out to see 'farm animals' on the playground. Cows, donkey, goat, chicken, mule, attempt to milk the cow! grossssssssss
2:15-2:30- recess, I get to potty alone!
2:30-3:00 get the room put back together with the help of 20 children!!!!
3:00-3:30 dismiss kids... (get rid of the little angels)
3:30-5:00 Peace and quiet, do a load of laundry, assess grocery needs, take a 10 minute nap,
5:00-9:00 dinner at LoneStar, groceries, put away groceries.

10:00- WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rest of the weekend--------- not a thing!

Head cold is now in the ear and throat! I know, Im a big fat whiner, but it was a day from ????
I will be nicer tomorrow, or at least by Sunday.

Tootle loo,

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The Rose Room said...

Hi Penny the Queen, your day sounds horrific, no wonder you are sick. Stay tucked up and cosy while I backtrack and read about you from beginning to end! Take Care - Rachael - xo