Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!
I am thankful for:
my hubs and boys,
church and my ability to worship freely,
my cozy home,
lots of food to eat,
those who are protecting us from harm,
the ability to work,
I am thankful for so many blessing that have been given to me. Where oh where, would we all be if not for the Grace of God each and everyday!
Thanks to those military families that are celebrating without a family member.
Its often so hard at holiday time for some people that do not have the family or comforts of a nice warm home. Give them a smile.
Its often stressful when you have so much you think you have to do for the holidays. Stop and think what really needs to be done and what doesnt. Give youself a smile.
There will be some people that get up at 3:00 am to get the bargain. Geeze... not me, People will shove and fight for 'stuff'. Give them a smile.
The Santa, the Bell Ringer and the door greeters... give them a smile.
Your family.. give them a big fat kiss.
If someone you know has lost a family member this year, this will be the start of the hard holiday season. Take them to a movie, take over supper, send a card. Give them a smile.
Its been the past two years that I have really thought about my Uncle Jack. I always thought he was just a moody eccentric uncle. He and my Gramma never had a relationship. Gramma and Grandpa divorced when mom and Unc were little. The court gave my mom to Gramma, and unc to grandpa. Unc never came around to see Gramma, only us and not really very often.
When he was dying in the hospital, I was talking to him about forgivness. I wasnt sure about his religion and relationship with God. We were talking about asking God for forgiveness and he said that he would never ever forgive Gramma. I asked him why they never got along. He told me that 'she gave him away, because she didnt want him'. Oh my gosh, my unc lived his entire life thinking that Gramma didnt want him! That is so not the truth, but that is what he was told by some family members! Can you believe that? I told him that was not true, but he had doubts, so,m y mom was about 6 hours away and came quickly to tell him the truth. He realized that he had lived all his 70 years hearing a lie and never had a relationship with his mother! He died a few days later and I just can't get it out of my head, especially this time of the year. How can people that say they love you, be so mean and lie! My mom was able to explain to Gramma the truth about what he was told by me aunts. Thankfully, that was before her dementia got worse.
So, it guess I want to say, to tell each other how much you love them and tell them the truth.
Be safe, Ill be back to blog land on Sunday.
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Happy Thanksgiving Penny the Queen:)