Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday Maze

Today was really pretty fun. We 9 second grade classes went to Porter to the Livesay Orchard to the pumpkin patch. After traveling 1 hour which went fast, we arrived at the orchard. The apples did not produce, so we saw pumpkins. They were so organized. We watched a movie about how to grow a pumpkin, went to play in the pumpkin maze and game area, rode a hay wagon to the pumpkins patch and picked pumpkins. Then, back to the tent to eat lunch. The kids were great and the day went well.
We got back to school at 1:45. They were tired and played games the rest of the day. I love to watch them interact and play together in somewhat organized play!
After school, I ran to get my nails filled, off the Hobby Lobby, and then to Target, back home take a bath, fix supper, go to PEO and then home so I can watch the Bachelor! Wheee. Glad my jammies were on the bed!

Back to the Hobby Lobby trip. A few weeks ago the PTO decided to have a basket auction fund raiser. They thought it would be great for each class to also have 1 art project to auction in addition to the basket. I had an idea, but decided today to make a mosaic stool. We are going to paint a stool red and then make a mosaic of a cardinal... I will keep you posted. This should be fun! I have my TA that will help me on Friday. Well see how this works with 20 second graders!

The weather really cooled down this evening! Guess Indian Summer/Fall is moving out. Whaaa.
The tree leaves are falling like snow in our front yard. Hubs blew off the driveway yesterday and you can hardly see it tonight.

Better go, the Bachelor is almost on...
Tootle loo

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Little Town Big Life said...

Ok, I am just GREEN with envy!!! Your blog style is just gorgeous!! You are so "up scale".

Now I have to do something about mine.

Blogging is costing me money!!! ha ha ha

Have a good night BFF.

tommie said...

I totally knew Bettina was getting cut tonight.

The radio station I listen to is out of Austin.(about 35 min from here) , and Brad is always on there on Tues. I will have to listen tomorrow AM to see if he gives any clues.

I really like Jenni, but I think he is going to pick Deanna!