Thursday, November 1, 2007

My day before 8:30

Dumb parent: why did you write 'messy' on my daughters coloring paper?
Me: because in the 2nd gr we color in the lines and in one direction, exactly like I told her to do.
Dumb parent: I told her to pick through her papers and do the hard ones first... then do the easy ones later?
Me: They dont get to pick when they do each subject, we have a schedule.
Dumb parent: Huh. dont you give them all their paper in the morning?
Me: What?
Dumb Parent: repeats same stupid statement!
Me: I dont give them all their papers at once. I teach the skill, review the skill, we practice the skill, review again, THEN, they get their paper.
Dumb Parent: Oh, I thought you just passed them out in the morning and they just did them.
Me: Would you like to come visit the class, so you can see what 'school' is like?
Dumb Parent: Uh, no I got to go to work
Dumb Parent: Well, we didnt have any problems when you were gone, why?
Me: Because I wasnt here to tell her to do it right.
Dumb Parent: Im trying to get her caught up from when she had trouble in 1st grade.
Me: Thats why I explained the 1st week of school, that she is a very sweet, smart little girl. BUT, she just turned 7 and is little. She is not developmentally ready for 2nd grade. She is still chasing butterflies during the school day.
Dumb parent: Isnt it getting too cold to be outside much longer!!!!!!!!!! Maybe she can catch up.
Me: probably not.

Ok that was before 8:30! Good gosh I have tried my best to explain to mom and dad that she is not ready to settle down and get her work completed, they dont want to upset the little girl. I think some parents need a test before they have children. This is the same parent that last year said the reason her daughter didnt get her homework done was that she (the mother) had been kidnapped by some mexican people and taken down the turnpike and then released in the dark and the homework was in the car!!!!! Nothing about that in the NEWS????
Yep, we need a test and I need a drink! A big fat drink... with lots of drink in it....
Pray for me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

tootle loo

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tommie said...

these are the things I don't miss about teaching....

It also reinforces why I want to keep June birthday child home an extra year....he can start Kindy when he is 6

cheers to Friday at 3:30!! happy weekend