Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sniffle, sniffle, sore throat

This afternoon, the sniffling began! By tonight its really here. sniffle, sniffle, sore throat. Yep,I'm sure I graded a paper with 'snot' or 'slobber' on it. Geeze !!!!
I had 4 kids with strep last week. Like I have'nt had enough Cirpro for a year!

Yep, I got some new outfits. This is my favorite. I wore it to school today with the footless tights. Hubs and I had a dinner at TU tonight. He came home before I had changed, just stood and stared at me! He wondered if I was dress for the dinner! No, I have been to 'charm school' twice. I can put on my little black dress, Tiffany's necklace and bracelet! He just about crapped in his pants thinking I was already dressed to go. hahaha I didnt laugh!This is what I wore to The dinner at TU. We donate $$'s to TU each month, so we were invited to the 'donors' dinner. I'm sure we are at the bottom of the list, but none the less we were there. The longer the night went on the more achey I was getting. Hubs wanted to go watch the TU girls play BB, me not quite so much. So, we came home. Hope they won. Anywho, I did dress in my little black wooly sweater dress and black heel boots. " Hot mama", not 'funky mama'!!!

Dinner was good, dessert even better. wine was the best ! yep 2 glasses and it time for bed.
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