Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday madness

I have nothing notable today. Woke up, got dressed, taught 2nd grade, took the uhaul back, went to supper, went to Kohl's, went to Lowe's. Not much for a Monday!

So, I borrowed fill- ins from Tuesday Update:

1. I enjoy: my ya-ya's, my family, reading, crafting, decorating

2. Blogging satisfies my need to: let my family know whats going on in my world.

3. When I look at a full moon: I think of all the people that have walked under the same moon, like Christ, Kennedy,Dad, Alexandria the Great, Washington, etc.

4. If I want a snack: Peanut butter and a green apple.

5. The most recent movie I saw: Evelyn

6. If only: I could say poof and talk to my Dad. (on a lighter note, poof and the Christmas stuff would be up and the house clean)

7. And as for the weekend: next weekend, I want to put up the Christmas stuff and get the house all decorated! Oops, I have a wedding at 6:00! Oh well, I will get it done!

tootle loo,

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tommie said...

Hey! I just noticed your countdown ticker for Husband! I usually ignore those things in the columns because they are usually ads! I like your better than mine..LOL.

As of tomorrow he moved out of his room into a tent-city. He is kind of sad about that, but he knows it is the final days. He was just excited he got a bed instead of a cot!

We use the moon reference that the moon is "watching over Daddy" as well as us. It is amazing to think that everyone on Earth can see well as those before us.