Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas thoughts

I'm having some Christmas thoughts! Yep, I sure am. My kiddos are 23 and 25. My sisters kids are 23 and 27. So, the whole 'Santa' thing ... we have done! Now my nephew has a fiancee with 2 little ones, but you know how Santa can find anyone on Christmas Eve, cause he has that special magical ball that tell him where everyone is located and that special key to get in... you know the drill. So where was I, oh yea, This is a cabin in SE Okla. Its near Broken Bow. It has 3 bedrooms, sleep 12 full kitchen, TV, DVD etc. My niece and her cowboy live in Houston, Ryan is in Dallas, my sister is in Ozark, mom is in OKC and we are in Cville. This would be perfecto!!!

Its less than $200. per night. Take our food and have a ball! Wouldn't that be FUN!
I have only spoken with my sister, so lets see which family members actually read my blog...

Leave a comment and let me know what you think. I THINK IT WOULD BE GREAT... so there we are. Don't you?

Fishing, ATV's, rocking in the chair, walking, and in complete luxury!!!! Yep, Im sold.

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tommie said...

First off....this is coming from someone who has done the "whole fam damily" vacations before. We have traveled to Charleston SC with grandparents, aunts, inlaws, us and to babies under two. Sixteen people in total.

While we have only done summer vacations and not Christmas, here is my opinion.

If everyone has very clear communication and expectations, it can be fun.....but with that many people, someone gets offended about something. At least that has been our case. It is fun and memorable....but I really have to bite my tongue about some things!

Crazy enough...we have done this almost every other year for the last 10 years!! LOL Now I just take things with a grain of salt and make sure I take my 'big girl panties!'

Anonymous said...

what ever my darling family wants to do!
Sounds like a plan. If the weather is not a problem and are you sure we can get res. Rick and I have been wanting to go down there this year and can't find 2 or 3 days to go.
Love ya, Mom