Sunday, November 18, 2007

Football Weekend

Wow, what can I say... we actually did not fall apart the 4th quarter, and won the ballgame! That is pretty good guys. Its really tough to be a 'Cowboy'. We dont have the best football team but you can bet most of the people that follow and cheer for the 'pokes' are tried and true OSU fans and alums. Our BB team is good and then there is wrestling! We ROCK in those activities.
I had a really great 4 years there and would never trade them for anything. Ride em Cowboys!

WAY TO GO TU... I do have a soft spot where Army is concerned! I appreciate all of those that are protecting this country for our freedom. Ryan was in the Class of 04 and its an awesome Academy, BUT we played a super ballgame!

Just love to shop at the outlet over by SMU... I only need a FEW things at IKEA!!! Right.

Yep, it was a very quiet and sane Sunday at the ole castle. We- I was quite lazy all weekend. We decided not to go to OKC. I am soooooooo tired lately, so we stayed here. Hubs worked on mulching the yard and I finished my glass collage necklaces.
The house is clean, the floor are vac'd and shined and the carpets are steamed. The bathrooms are squeaky clean and its time to get it dirty all over again.

I made some stuff- tree skirt and table runner to take to Ryan's this weekend. I also got him a tree and all the trimmings this weekend too! We will be going to Frisco this week for Thanksgiving. I have some places to go while I am there. The Horchow outlet is always good. Its over by SMU, so Im thinking maybe I get some Bubbas Fried Chicken ! mmmmmm it's so yummy. We were there a few years ago. I also need to check out Home Goods, Container Store and of course IKEA! I plan to do that all on Friday morning!!! Up and at'em early. Will not really early. I dont do the 5:00 am shopping. I did it one time with hubs a few years ago, but now I am doing most of it by internet. Love to shop in my jammies.
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