Saturday, November 3, 2007

Banner Day

Today was very productive .
I cleaned the house, cleaned the craft room, put away Halloween, and made a banner for a friend for Chirstmas.

This is the banner I made: You can't tell much about it other than its fru fru. Its actually for Christmas and says Festive Days. I had a great time making and creating.

This is a closer look at each one. The papers are golds, and pinks. Some have crowns, of course!
There are dangling things on the bottom of each.
I got the down comforter in the Duvet! That in itself is a job. So, I am looking forward to bed.
Many years ago, I wanted flannel sheets. Hubs wanted reg sheets. So, I cut 2 pair down the middle and sewed them back together. Flannel for me, reg for him. He went to a Patent Atty., to get a patent, go figure there already is one. But there are not producing the sheets. Darn, I could have sold the idea and been independently wealthy!
I am currently shoppin for Christmas stuff. I love internet shopping, no traffic, no lines and its delivered! yippee whats better than that.
Off to take a big fat bubble bath!
tootle loo

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Shabee Chick said...

Very ca-yute! Love the banner!